Commission for Humanitarian Aid and Social Development

Sowers of Peace

We are a team of volunteers who visit impoverished communities all over Colombia. In our aid missions we bring health and hope to those in need.


The Commissions of our Brigades

Through the health brigades, with their various commissions, we pay specific attention to different areas of human development.

We provide humanitarian and Christian values to orphans, widows, those who have been displaced, and people who have suffered exposure to violence in Colombia. The purpose of these missions is to produce a transformation that positively affects each community and thus the nation.

Medical Aid

Every mission includes a team of professional doctors, nurses and dentists. Using schools or churches, they build temporary treatment centers where they examine as many people as possible and hand out medications.

Bringing Hope

We believe that faith in Jesus Christ changes lives. As a result of this, we bring pastors and missionaries onto the field who explain the basics of the gospel. In some of our former brigades, we have planted churches which have continued to grow.

Lasting Impact

Along with medical care and church planting, you will find experts in farming and sustainability in our teams who work with the locals, teaching them how to establish more independent and efficient farming systems. In past missions we’ve also dug wells to improve water supply.

Kids Ministry

We know that children are the future of Colombia and that they can ultimately be the ones leading positive change in their communities. Therefore, every mission includes programs for kids centered around biblical values and group games.

Places We Serve


In Cordoba, many people have been displaced due to armed conflicts. In many regions, there is a lack of portable water, energy and a weak economy.


The coastal region of Antioquia has been victim of armed conflicts and violence. Many of the people are displaced and trapped in poverty.


Displacement due to armed conflicts here leads to extreme poverty. There is little access to education, no employment opportunities, and countless orphans.

La Guajira

La Guajira is a desert region which recieves little rain. The indigenous Wayuu people are plagued by starvation and various diseases.

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Children and vulnerable communities in Colombia need our help.

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